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Translation & Localization

Communicate with your Customers in their own Language
Translation: Localize Africa delivers high quality translations carried out by qualified and tested mother tongue translators of the target languages. All our vendors have degrees from universities or language colleges, and they work in a variety of specialized fields including but not limited to technical, medical, legal and marketing. The objective of a translation is to develop the language to fit the type of publication and the market sector. This marks the difference between simple text conversion and complete content adaptation, and ultimately determines the effectiveness of your message.
Localization: This highly important service ensures that the translated text, whether for websites, promotional materials like brochures and flyers, technical manuals, audio or video content, meets regional criteria in promoting your company. This relates not only to the language and selection of suitable images, but also the correct use of key words in the target locale to eliminate or minimize local sensitivities. Your company’s ultimate success relies on fitting into the local culture, and any of these factors can impact on your image and how your company is viewed. When localizing content it is important to avoid messages that are word-crafted purely for the originating market, especially such as using slang and colloquialisms. Simple, active-voice sentences work best so preconceptions should be left at the door. It is too easy to subconsciously assume that your own local market characteristics apply globally. As highlighted in Common Sense Advisory’s 2006 publication “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Why Language Matters on Global Websites”, 56.2 percent of consumers say that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price. You can rest assured that our translations will fully satisfy your requirements


Monolingual: We transcribe all types of digital, audio and video recordings preferably from MP3. These include: Interviews, meetings, conferences, teleconferences, focus groups, presentations, reports, scopes of work, podcasts, panel discussions, surveys and hearings, etc.

Transcription & Translation: We can provide you with a ready-to-use audio transcription in your company or business language depending on the source and target languages. Both transcriber and translator are native speakers of the relevant language. Contact us for our rates.

Audio, Voice-overs & Sub-titling

Localize Africa’s technical engineers have a wide experience in producing audio and voice-overs, as well as translating subtitling for documentaries and advertisements in many market sectors.

Digital TV and social media make it easy to reach a wider audience instantly, but your messages must be relevant and engaging to reach your targeted market. It isn’t just about speaking your customer’s language – it’s about translating your messages, so that they fit the culture of each market.

We perform the recordings of target texts whether in-house or from a client in a professional audio studio. We can provide you with an audio file of the spoken text after post production and in any file format of your choice, or as a recorded ready to use voice-over for film or video. We have a wide selection of voices in many languages. Contact us for more information


Africa is home to roughly 10% of the world’s population and, according to a 2012 United Nations report, contains 10 of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

• There are 2,000 spoken languages within Africa. (Nigeria alone has more than 500.)
• The media use at least 242 African languages.
• The judicial system uses a minimum of 63 African languages.
• Public administration uses 56 African languages.
• Tens of millions of people speak Amharic, Berber, Hausa, Igbo, Oromo, Swahili, and Yoruba.

In addition to the number of languages, one of the biggest challenges in African translation is the lack of “linguistic equivalence,” or the ability to directly translate into African languages from other languages. For instance, in many African languages, there is no single word for “cancer” or “clinical depression,” or technology terms like “cloud computing” and “social media.” These terms often require extensive explanation.

Major Languages: Amharic , Arabic , French , Ewe , Afrikaans , Ndebele , Fulani , Sepedi , Hausa , Sesotho , Igbo , Malagasy , Setswana , Portuguese , SiSwati , Somali , Tsonga , Swahili , Xhosa , Zulu
Other African languages upon request

Web Design

Websites are a very important tool for promoting your company effectively, but they need to be attractive, easy to navigate, user friendly and have local appeal in the target market.
Our design team has good experience in graphic design, website development and flash animation, so you can be sure that whatever your project demands, they will deliver a selection of innovative and good looking designs to choose from based on your ideas and requirements.
Localize Africa offers reasonably priced solutions for website design whether from scratch or a makeover, simple or complex. Just send us your requirements, number of pages, complexity, etc. for a free estimate.
Our prices will surprise you!


Localize Africa offers this highly important service dedicated to the layout and creation of graphics for all languages and materials including technical and user manuals, promotional items, point of sale displays, trade show exhibits, retail packet designs, outdoor signs and all your corporate needs.
When you deliver a document that has a formatted layout in another language, that layout will be damaged if the translation is simply pasted back. This is because translated text can expand, especially from English, as it often takes more words to convey the same idea. It is safe to design your layout assuming that English text will expand by 20 to 30% once translated. Whether a text expands or not will impact on factors such as too much/too little space, increased/ decreased number of pages, too much/too little white space, etc.
To preserve your document’s original layout and formatting, DTP work is required to correctly insert the translation back into your document, adjusting the layout accordingly.
We have the expertise, so ask us for a quote today


Our teams can create multimedia presentations that integrate video, audio, music, still or moving images, animated graphics or text. These services are an effective medium to launch new products, enhance websites and e-learning programs, and can open up a new way of presenting your company and its products, at conferences, on your website and in online advertising.

In addition, slide shows that can be used in classrooms and universities, computer based training in the workplace where a person can learn how to operate machinery or learn an office procedure used, and interactive games to create a third dimension letting gamers control the camera angles and the direction and speed of their character in the games are all part of these services.
Finally eBooks, we can help you tell your story, transform and re-imagine your content for this medium. Whether you want a great individual eBook or a collection of dozens of titles, we have the suitable solution. You author the book—we will create it. Localize Africa will change the way the world views you


Localize Africa is specialized in localizing elearning programs and courses having carried out several projects for schools and adult education entities, as well as for companies in the region. We have the knowhow and expertise in this field so that our solutions appear to be tailor made for the target market.
Concepts must be adapted to the environment of a target locale including the learning culture and established habits within a country or region so that they are successful in their goals to advance learning to all.

Our team can handle localization of classroom solutions (CBL), self-paced training courses (CBT or WBT), and computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL), whether for companies (in the application, in the actual work process, and on the user’s own workstation), in schools and adult education. Thus we have the capabilities to implement individual production in a wide range of areas using the latest state-of-the-art technology.
Come to us for solutions when it relates to e-Learning